About Vive

Our Reason for Being

VIVE grew out of our passion for families and is centered around the most basic human need of all - a shelter we all call home. A home isn’t just a place to sleep, it’s a place that’s yours. It’s made by the late nights, the first steps, the small mistakes, the cleanup jobs, the moments you will remember. It’s where you play, it’s where you work. It’s where life happens. You earn it, and the road to getting there is tough. But along the way, there is an important guide to help you navigate to the destination - the real estate agent. Homeownership is probably the #1 decision and financial transaction that your family will undertake. The real estate agent’s efficiency has a material impact on household finances, lifestyle and in many ways, a family's future.

While many companies are looking to displace the agent, we strive to put the real estate agent at the center of our mission. We want to make agents more productive so they can make homeownership a reality for millions of families.

One Platform to Plan, Manage, and Collaborate Across All Clients

Creating simple (yet powerful) productivity and collaboration tools that bring joy to our customer’s busy lifestyle is at the heart of our business. We provide world-class, tech-enabled services that give agents superpowers, helping them adapt to the ever increasing expectations of the 21st century client. We are passionate about reducing anxiety. By re-imagining manual processes with innovative and compelling experiences, we simplify the complex. Vive lets agents help more clients every year and grow their business through satisfied homeowners.

Building A Company We're Proud Of

We know that our products and services will better the lives of agents, service providers and their clients. But we don’t want to stop here. We believe businesses have a responsibility to the broader community, so we work steadily to have an impact across less fortunate neighbourhoods and families through donation of time, resources and profits.

We believe in finding needs that don’t change for our customers (YOU) and consistently investing in them. We learnt this principle at Amazon. Thank you, Jeff Bezos. You will never say “I wish Vive was harder to use”, or “I wish Vive was slower and less reliable”. Investing in infrastructure, great design and customer service is our focus.

We think long-term, aspire to be empathetic and promise to give our best as we build this business. Staying true to this core value is helping us be the company we are proud to run and work for.

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