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The Digital Workspace Made for Real Estate Agents

Tasks, images, todo checklists... Vive is the digital workspace designed for real estate agents and clients to collaborate, plan, and stay organized on the go.

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Never forget an important detail

Ideas in your head. Notepad scribbles. Moving pictures between devices. Coordinating over email.

There is a new and effortless way to manage the chaos.

At Vive, we think creating your task list around photos is powerful. Capture more data, plan specific work, and communicate status clearer than using pen & paper, pictures, or playing phone/text tag.

Keep everyone on the same page

The best agents manage across teams, clients, and vendors. They have a plan, give specific instructions and clear advice to keep the transaction moving.

We help you do that with ease.

With the right people in the know on every listing, all your changes securely saved in the cloud and synced across devices, nothing falls through the cracks.

Product screen shot
Product screen shot

Stay organized wherever you are

In 5 minutes, over your morning cup of coffee, stay updated on all your transactions. It's as easy as checking your facebook feed.

Vive helps you focus on what matters most.

Plan your day, track progress and give clients as much (or as little) attention as they need.

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